Release 0.53

So, after an extremely long wait (for which I apologize) and lots of torturous coding and debugging, I have successfully implemented perhaps the most important feature of this game: the bimbo magic. Currently, it only works within specifically scripted segments, though the player can start it at any moment within them. This is not trivial, since if you don't talk to the characters and gain a bit of extra trust with them beforehand, they might not take kindly to being magic'd. Unless that's exactly what you're going for...

If you don't see the immediate effects of the magic, don't be alarmed. By default, it will only start to show the next time you see the affected characters. Later on, however, I intend to implement circumstances where the change is immediate. Unfortunately, this means you won't get to see Pinkie bimbo'd just yet, but now that I have this feature out, I'll focus on adding new scenes for a while, since there's plenty left in the backlog.

Though it's not visible to the players, I've also done a big overhaul of the code working in the background. And while I've discovered a few minor bugs and fixed them as best as I could, with an update as big as this, a few more errors might have escaped my attention. I didn't want to keep everyone waiting any longer, however, so I'll only do more testing later this week. If you run into any bugs, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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Aug 23, 2017


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um is there supposed to be a download button for this or something? says there's a file but no way to get it