Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long wait, I know I promised quicker updates, but a few IRL issues came up. Nothing serious, but I have much less free time and need to focus on other projects.

Rest assured, I haven't given up on the game, and I'll be trying to squeeze in as much development time as possible. Currently I'm working on a "scene editor" tool for the authors collaborating on this project, which they can use to create scenes and add them directly to the game (right now they're being added "manually" by me, which is far too slow and clunky). Once that is done, new releases should come out much faster (for real this time...)

Thanks for all the support, and an extra special thanks to everyone who helped make this game a reality.


- J


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Aug 23, 2017


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Not to bother you, but is progress still being made on the game?

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I try to squeeze in as much time as I can, which unfortunately isn't a lot these days. I'm still looking for the right tool I can put together for the writers so they can create scripts for the game more efficiently. Once that's done, new content should be out at a much faster rate.

hi how are you doing I hope nothing in RL is messing you up

Does the editor also works to add art-assets? If so, if you guys have a collective google.doc or something, would like to be part of it to see what art can be made for their writing.

It will only show the text at first. Implementing a full sandbox will take a bit longer, but it's doable. Once I get it working, I'll upload it here with invite-only access.

Alright understood. But is there a current google doc the writers use and share with oneanother? If so would like to have access to it to be on the roll with what could be provided art-wise.

Sure, I'll add you to them.

Very much appreciated! Thanks.