Canterlot High School had built up a reputation of being a "magical" place, and when a new student comes along, he intends to put that to the test. Aside from making new friends, he also discovers a strange magic power contained in a book he has. Whenever he unleashes it on someone, they become a lot more friendly and open-minded, to put it lightly.

Controls: Press "A" to advance text, use the mouse to click on buttons.

The game is based on Annon's artwork. He teased the idea of a VN multiple times before, and I decided to make that a reality. Have fun! Also, please notify me if you spot any bugs, especially compatibility issues (you can check alerts about those in your browser console). Thanks in advance!


  • Artwork: Annon
  • Scripts: Tom Sketchit, (anonymous)
  • Programming & music: Jicho

More information

Published 28 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Tagsannon, bimbo, demo, equestria-girls, mlp, Visual Novel

Development log


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So does the current game iteration end a little ways into scene 5?

From what I've seen, it ends after you meet with RD/AJ. Once you head back into the school, it ends (at least it does for me). 

Yes, the game only goes so far for now. Next release will add several new scenes, as well as the magic mechanic.

Looking forward to the next update!

Question, any word on the next update? 

Coming soon. Stay tuned!

Do you need any more help with writers? I'm a pretty good one myself, and want to help support the game.

Absolutely. Send me your email address in a PM, and I'll add you to the project.

You could also post it here, or ask Annon to relay it between us (I'd rather not make my email public, if that's okay).

Dose the demo end after you meet cheerilee?

Yes, for now it does, since I don't have any more content written for her yet.

Alrighty, thanks for the reply and i have to say i do have high hopes for this game.